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  • Chris Belcher

San Antonio Urban Nature's Week in Photos, May 2-8

A squirrel eating an orange in Crescent Bend Nature Park May 2. Photo: Chris Belcher

Texas Flower Scarabs eating pollen from a White Prickly Poppy flower in McAllister Park, San Antonio. Photo: Chris Belcher

A juvenile Yellow-crowned Night Heron grooms itself on a tree in Converse North Lake, Converse. Photo: Chris Belcher

A Cattle Egret takes a twig for its nest in the Brackenridge Park rookery May 7. San Antonio Parks and Recreation employees have been harassing the herons and egrets in Brackenridge Park since February to get them to move the rookery. Photo: Chris Belcher

A Painted Bunting sings from a branch in Crescent Bend Nature Park in Schertz, Texas May 8. Photo: Chris Belcher


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