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Explore the San Antonio Area Parks with us. 

Parks and natural areas are more than just playgrounds and picnic areas. They are places of adventure, exploration, historical preservation, and outdoor activities. They give us a piece of nature in our cities. With a passion for exploring the natural world in San Antonio Explorist Media is venturing into the wild places that exists alongside us.


San Antonio is a metropolitan area that offers outdoor activities in over 250 City of San Antonio, San Antonio River Authority, National Park Service, Unincorporated city and Bexar County parks and natural areas. Our parks and natural areas offer everything from fishing, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, biking, wildlife observation, to birding. The parks also serve as places for improving health and well-being. If you love the outdoors and nature the parks offer something for you. Join our exploration of the outdoor spaces that exist in the city’s parks.


About Chris


A native of San Antonio, I have been an avid outdoorsman my entire life. I learned to fish in the San Antonio River, explored the mesquite thickets, and the hill country. I learned to love nature and the outdoors by spending almost every waking minute surrounded by it.


I was commissioned in the U.S. Army in 1993 after graduating from California State University Dominguez Hills. I spent the next 26 years as a Quartermaster and Public Affairs Officer stationed around the United States and overseas. I retired in 2019 and moved back to my hometown after being gone for over 30 years. San Antonio had changed but so had I. It had grown past the city limits I knew as a child. Many of the places I explored were now housing developments. So, I started exploring my new, old hometown. The parks became a part of my exploration.


My exploration of the San Antonio Parks started as a mission to find places to fish. I had also just started a photography business and was looking for visually appealing scenery for outdoor portrait sessions. After the pandemic temporarily shut down my photography business, I started exploring the parks and shooting nature photographs. I discovered I have a passion for exploring the parks and for nature photography. My research showed there are over 250 parks in the San Antonio Metropolitan area, and I decided I would visit all but the elementary school parks. I’ve visited over 200 San Antonio Metro area parks to date.


Join Explorist Media in its adventures in the parks and natural areas, discovering outdoor opportunities, and how they impact our great community. Hopefully, you’ll find a new park, a new outdoor activity, visit our natural wonders, and discover that you too have a passion for San Antonio’s parks and natural areas. You might also learn some San Antonio’s history along the way.



Chief Explorist

Chris Belcher


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