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  • Chris Belcher

Exploring Crescent Bend Nature Park

Crescent Bend Nature Park was born from a residential neighborhood that experienced 100-year floods in 1997 and 1998.

Government condemned the neighborhood and cleaned up the land. Bexar County acquired the property and established Crescent Bend Nature Park in 2009. Crescent Bend is in Schertz, Texas, north of San Antonio.

We explored the park on a cool April morning walking the 1.3 miles of decomposed granite to see what nature would offer us to enjoy.

Red-shouldered hawks were calling from the tree-tops before flying off for other venues. A vulture rose from the trees to begin its day of patrolling from the sky for carrion on the ground below. Cardinals called from the trees all around us.

We startled a small herd of whitetail deer as we walked the path in the early morning sunshine. They ran a short distance before stopping to look and see what we were doing out in nature.

We also spent time enjoying bird watching from one of the two bird blinds in the park. Volunteers from Friends of Crescent Bend Nature Park maintain the bird blinds which are in excellent condition. They offer easy access from the parking lot and a variety of bird species to watch.

A birder enjoys bird watching from one of the two bird blinds in Crescent Bend Nature Park April 14. photo: Chris Belcher

San Antonio area residents who aren’t into bird or nature watching can also enjoy the park. There are abundant wildflowers right now. Butterflies fly around from flower-to-flower pollinating the plants.

Anglers can also take advantage of the park’s access to Cibolo Creek from two parking lots on Lake View Dr. The creek holds largemouth bass, bluegill, catfish, gar, and sunfish for them to pursue.

Whatever your desired outdoor experience is take the time to visit Crescent Bend Nature Park. Enjoy the sights and sounds of nature around you. Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy watching wild birds in their natural habitat. We’ll see you there on the trail.


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