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  • Chris Belcher

FitFighter Festival Coming to San Antonio

FitFighter and Alpha Warrior are bringing the FitFighter Festival, a health and wellness event, to San Antonio’s Alpha Warrior Proving Grounds March 19.

The festival will feature live workout and training sessions with Sarah Apgar the FitFighter Founder & CEO, Ninja Obstacle Course races, food and drinks from local veteran owned businesses, and a live concert by Willie Shaw.

The festival benefits the Tunnel to Towers Foundation and honors the warriors from Brooke Army Medical Center’s Center for the Intrepid.

The Center for the Intrepid serves service members who have sustained amputations, limb trauma, and severe burns received in service according to its website.

Event’s like the FitFighter Festival fit with the San Antonio Mayor’s Fitness Council’s vision of, “A San Antonio where residents have opportunities to move more, eat better, and stay connected.”

Apgar talked about why the FitFighter Festival is important.

“There's two reasons it's extremely important that we're always creating events and forums for people to come together especially around health and wellness. The first one is so that people can feel supported, that people can feel like they're a part of their own community and they're also meeting new communities, they're coming together around this topic. That is probably the most important topic for all of us in our lives. Because long term health and strength is just the single most important thing for all of us to be accomplishing our everyday mission, whatever that mission is,” Apgar said, “The second reason is because we need to be celebrating and benefiting organizations and foundations like the Tunnel to Towers Foundation and the Center for the Intrepid supporting our wounded warriors and catastrophically injured veterans, because these foundations are the ones that are the lifeblood of support for veterans, for first responders, for these people that are just constantly and for their entire lives operating in the service of everyone else.”

Michael Hatfield, Vice President of Alpha Warrior echoed Apgar’s sentiment about veterans talking about the reason Alpha Warrior is participating in the FitFighter Festival.

Hatfield said, “The reason we're participating in this event is we find Like-Minded individuals that really are ingrained into the veteran community trying to make a difference in you know, soldier suicide, soldier health and wellness. We partner with those great companies, give them a venue to come out and, go out there and make a difference into the veteran community.”

The event will also feature an appearance from the canine companions of Operation Battle Buddies.

San Antonio area residents interested in attending the event can find more information at FitFighter Festival.


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