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  • Chris Belcher

STORM Volunteers Build Mountain Bike Trails in Classen-Steubing Park

Volunteers with South Texas Off Road Mountain-Bikers spent Saturday in the future Classen-Steubing Ranch Park. Classen-Steubing which is located on Hardy Oak Blvd. is currently under construction. The future park was part of the former Classen-Steubing Ranch.

The volunteers used string trimmers and leaf blowers to clear grass from the marked location of the trail clearing it down to the bare dirt.

A STORM volunteer uses a string trimmer to cut grass along a mountain bike trail being developed in Classen-Steubing Ranch Park on Saturday Dec. 4. Photo: Chris Belcher

John Rodriguez, STORM volunteer, said he, “helps develop and build trails.”

Rodriguez designed the trails being cleared in Classen-Steubing.

Jeff Jordan, STORM president said the initial mountain bike trails being developed in Classen-Steubing will be one and half to two miles but after the initial trails are cut and evaluated there will be room for more trails.

Jordan said, “Parks has certain areas marked off for us to build our mountain bike only trails which is different from our other trails that we have which are shared use or multiuse trails. Where it’s walkers, runners, and mountain bikers. These trails will be mountain bike only.”

“So, we can optimize them a little bit better, make them more fun, put some different features on them for mountain biking,” he added.

The volunteers completed the loop before noon on Saturday. There’s still some work to be done.

Before the volunteers came through and cleared the mountain bike trail the area the trail would go through was covered in knee high grass. Photo: Chris Belcher

He said, “I think we need to go and do some dirt work, some rock work.”

Jordan talked about the importance of volunteers to accomplishing the work STORM is doing. STORM is a volunteer organization and without volunteers the work of building and maintaining mountain bike trails in the San Antonio parks wouldn’t get accomplished.

After the volunteers trimmed and cleared the trail Dec. 4 it was almost ready for a mountain biker to ride down it. Photo: Chris Belcher

If you’d like to find out how you can help STORM with its work improving the mountain bike experience in San Antonio parks you can find them on the web at

Get out and enjoy the San Antonio parks. If you enjoy them find opportunities like volunteering with STORM or other organizations to help improve our parks for you and for every San Antonian.


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