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  • Chris Belcher

RASA Volunteers Find Bigfoot

River Aid San Antonio volunteers discovered one of their fellow volunteers picking up litter from Salado Creek was the elusive Bigfoot.

Bigfoot was last spotted in the San Antonio area in 2009 by a homeless couple according to 1200 WOAI news near Loop 1604 and Highway 151. He made his current appearance on the Salado Creek Greenway to help remove litter from the San Antonio watershed.

Cryptozoologist theorize that Bigfoot may be using San Antonio’s approximately 100-miles of greenway trails to move around the city at night.

Bigfoot stands behind a concrete barrier while RASA volunteers pick up trash along Salado Creek.

Tonée Viera, RASA volunteer had a chance to meet Bigfoot face-to-face.

Viera said, “He was pretty quiet. I walked up to him and noticed he was staring at a pile of trash with this sad look on his face. Then a single tear rolled down from his eye.”

“He didn’t say it but I could tell that he was disappointed that humans were leaving trash in his home,” he added.

While some people dispute the existence of Bigfoot David Childress, Ancient Aliens consulting producer, disagrees. He not only thinks Bigfoot is real but that he’s one of our ancestors.

“There’s allegedly this missing link and they say they can’t find it,” he says. “We’re related to the greater apes but there’s got to be some missing link between them and us.” Childress said “What would that be in my mind is Sasquatch or Bigfoot.”

This makes it much more dire than just humans trashing our own environment. We’re also trashing the home of the missing link between us and our great ape ancestors.

Charles Blank, River Aid San Antonio Executive Director, welcomed Bigfoot’s participation in the clean-up.

Blank said, “Every volunteer helps and even a little bit of their time helps the environment.”

“Having someone so closely tied to this area was great. Bigfoot really put his heart into getting trash out of the creek bed during the clean-up and helped the team get over 4,500 pounds of trash back where it belongs.”

At the end of Saturday’s clean-up Bigfoot quietly slipped back into the brush he’d come from. He didn’t say but I’m sure he had a sense of satisfaction that he’d helped make our city just a little bit cleaner.

While this was satire you can help River Aid San Antonio with it’s mission of grassroots efforts to protect the San Antonio River. You can join the RASA volunteers who removed over 100,000 pounds of litter and make a positive impact for our environment by going to this link and volunteering.


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