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  • Chris Belcher

Volunteers Detrash McAllister Park during Stewards in Motion

Volunteers from over 15 different organizations picked up trash in McAllister Park Sunday. The diverse groups spent their Sunday morning in Salado Creek and Mosquito Lake’s dry beds to pick up trash washed there during rainstorms.

River Aid San Antonio hosted Sunday’s event to bring together the groups and increase the impact of volunteers in helping tackle the problem of litter in our waterways.

“it’s important to volunteer at events like this because what we’re doing here in the park and along the creeks is helping prevent some of that trash getting into our rivers.” Brenda Gonzalez with South Texas Off Road Mountain-bikers said, “All of these creeks drain into each other and lead into our bigger river. If we want to stop some of that trash from getting into our river you’ve got to start in the parks and the creeks.”

Volunteers line up to begin their day of picking up trash during the Stewards in Motion event in McAllister Park Nov. 21. Photo: Chris Belcher

Volunteers from groups like San Antonio Plus Sized Women’s Hiking Group help stop thousands of pounds of trash from reaching the San Antonio River every year. They helped remove over 1,200 pounds of trash from the environment Sunday according to Charles Blank with River Aid San Antonio.

Another volunteer wanted to make sure we’re not taking our parks for granted.

Jeanette Honermann with Latinos Outdoors said, “parks are often something that people take for granted and it’s an important part of what the quality of life is in San Antonio. I would encourage people to get involved in letting us know what they would like to see in their parks.”

John Hamilton with RASA walks behind the pile of trash volunteers collected from Mosquito Lake in McAllister Park Nov. 21. Photo: Chris Belcher

Events like Stewards in Motion are worth getting involved in as a volunteer. They give you an opportunity to give back to the San Antonio community and improve the health of the San Antonio River. You can find more information and volunteer to help improve our environment a couple trash bags at a time at @riveraidsa | Linktree.

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